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Posted on 11-01-2018

Our Chiropractor in Clayton, NC Discusses Proper Workplace Ergonomics

If your workplace consists of a desk and a computer, you might think you're destined for a career full of back and neck pain. But with proper workplace ergonomics, that's not necessarily true. At Clayton Chiropractic, we advise a wide variety of people on how to give their workplace an ergonomic makeover, allowing them to work a full day without any pain or physical problems. The key to preventing work injury is to adjust your office environment to ensure you use proper posture while you're working.

Man suffering from back pain at work

Making Your Work Space Ergonomically Friendly

There are many factors to creating a comfortable, safe workplace, but the most important part may be the chair. Choose one that supports the curves of your spine and adjust it so your feet sit flat easily and your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Place your mouse on the same surface as your keyboard and close enough so you don't have to reach for it. While using the keyboard or mouse your wrists should be straight, your upper arms should be near your body, and your hands should be even with or slightly below your elbows.

If you have key objects that you use frequently such as a stapler, coffee mug or water cup, or reference papers, keep them close enough so you don't have to reach or stand up to get them.

If you talk on the phone a lot during your workday, or if you talk while you use the keyboard, use a headset or put the phone on speaker. Don't cradle the phone between your head and shoulders.

If you can't adjust your chair so your feet sit flat on the floor, use a footrest or a stack of books to raise them up.

Place your monitor right in front of you, about 18 to 24 inches from your face. The top of your screen should be at eye level.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Clayton, NC to Schedule an Appointment Today

If you have any problems with workplace back pain, call our chiropractor office for a visit. Contact us at (919) 553-2225 and we'll schedule an appointment today.

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