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Posted on 01-27-2017

Preventative Care for Athletes and Sports Injury Treatment in Clayton

Whatever your chosen athletic endeavor may be, injuries are part of the game -- but they don't have to be the end of the game for you. If you're sidelined due to runner's knee, tennis elbow or other joint pain, rugby impacts, CrossFit mishaps or any of the other musculoskeletal miseries produced by sports injuries, you'll be happy to learn that natural, non-surgical help is available. Our chiropractic center provides both preventative wellness care and sports injury treatment in Clayton.

man with knee running injury before seeing clayton chiropractor for sport injury treatment in clayton

Joint Pain, Soft Tissue Strains & Other Sports Injuries Treated By Our Clayton Chiropractor

Sports injuries can occur suddenly and dramatically, or they can accumulate slowly over time until one day you simply can't function. A high-impact event such as a brutal rugby or football collision may jolt your spinal vertebrae out of alignment, herniate discs, pinch cervical or lumbar nerve roots and produce sprains (ligament injuries) or strains (muscle/tendon injuries). Sprains and strains may also occur if you've failed to limber up properly before your activity.

Many sports injuries are caused by repetitive strain from the demands of a specific sport. Runner's knee is a good example, as a misaligned kneecap causes ever-increasing soft tissue inflammation with every step. Tennis and golf elbow are the end result of countless micro-tears in the elbow from swinging a racket or club, while plantar fasciitis is ligament strain from running or walking on inadequate arch support. But these repetitive strain injuries may also have a spinal component. If your spine is misaligned, your posture and balance may be slightly off, creating flaws in your sports technique that place unnatural stresses on the areas in question. For instance, a sacroiliac misalignment that interferes with normal hip muscle and thigh muscle function can contribute to runner's knee.

The Chiropractic Route to Rehabilitation and Wellness

The good news is that the conservative healing techniques at Clayton Chiropractic can not only relieve your joint pain and help your soft tissues heal, but they can also help you steer clear of future injuries. As a chiropractor who works with both rugby and CrossFit athletes on a regular basis, Dr. Lloyd is highly experienced in treating both acute and chronic sports injuries. Chiropractic adjustments to reposition errant joints can relieve nerve impingement and boost circulation to the injury site, allowing you to heal more quickly and completely. Fascial movement taping can relieve soft tissue pain and reduce swelling.

Once you're in top shape again, we can help you stay that way. Periodic spinal screenings and chiropractic "maintenance" can help you minimize alignment issues that sooner or later lead to sports injuries. We're happy to serve as your resource for natural sports wellness.

Get On the Road to Sports Recovery in Clayton and Archer Lodge

If you're looking for non-surgical sports recovery in Clayton and Archer Lodge, you're looking for Clayton Chiropractic. Call today for an appointment with Dr. Lloyd!

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