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Posted on 02-16-2017

Chiropractic Care to Help Prevent Sports Injuries & Optimize Performance

Contrary to what some athletes might assume, muscle strains, tendonitis, stretched ligaments and other sports injuries don't have to be "just part of the game." While we're more than happy to treat such injuries through natural, non-surgical methods here at Clayton Chiropractic, we'd be even happier to help you sidestep those problems altogether. Chiropractic care and other conservative care modalities can play a major role in preventing sports injuries, keeping your body in a state of optimal wellness so you can live up to your full athletic potential.

prevent sports injury

The Connection between Musculoskeletal Imbalances and Sports Injuries

It's easier to understand how chiropractic adjustments can enhance athletic wellness when you look at how many sports injuries get their start -- as balance and alignment problems. When your stance, gait or balance is even a little bit off center, so is your sports technique. You may end up unconsciously compensating by adopting bad habits that not only affect your performance but can also place certain muscles, connective tissues and joints under excessive or unequal stress. When a sport requires constant repetitive motions, from swinging a racket to running, these little flaws can make you more vulnerable to overuse use injuries. Muscle strains, micro-tears in connective tissues and chronic pain/inflammation may be the end result. Impaired nerve function from a misalignment may even affect your circulation, nerve function and systemic health, throwing your game off further.

Chiropractic Care as a Wellness Tool

Regular chiropractic evaluations and adjustments can keep your alignment straight and your body in tip-top condition. Periodic checkups from our Clayton chiropractor give us a chance to catch even the most subtle alignment errors, even when you're feeling fine -- which is the perfect time to take care of them, before they can start to cause problems. Dr. Lloyd can evaluate your alignment, stance and gait while discussing any unusual symptoms or changes in athletic performance you may have noticed lately. Targeted adjustments can then make sure your musculoskeletal system is ready for action.

But maintaining optimal spinal alignment doesn't just help you avoid muscle strains and other sports injuries; it also helps you function better across the board. By normalizing your musculoskletal and neuromuscular function, we can help you keep every one of your physical systems in good working order. Our athletic wellness services have proven quite helpful, not only for rugby and CrossFit athletes but for participants in every kind of sport. We can help you spend less time on the bench and more time achieving your goals.

Schedule Wellness Care With Our Clayton and McGees Crossroads Chiropractor!

If you’re ready to get more enjoyment out of your favorite athletic endeavor while experiencing fewer sports injuries in Clayton and McGees Crossroads, pay a visit to Clayton Chiropractic. We offer a free consultation for new patients, so take advantage of it by calling (919) 514-1258 and scheduling that consultation today!

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