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Posted on 11-01-2018

5 Common Ways Chiropractic Treatment Helps Back and Neck Pain

Do have back pain and/or neck pain? Have no fear, Clayton Chiropractic can help you find relief. They have done just that for the entire Clayton, North Carolina for years. During that time our chiropractor has utilized the more than 150 proven chiropractic techniques to help hundreds of patients.

These five techniques are the most common ones used to treat both neck pain and back pain.

Woman suffering from neck pain

#1 Thompson Technique

Utilizing a drop table that enhances this low amplitude high-velocity procedure, this technique for full spine adjustment allows for more comfort during adjustment. The understated dropping motion of the special table creates a gentler realigning of the spine.

#2 Myofascial Release

An instrument assisted form of soft tissue mobilization, the myofascial release uses a specialized method of gently scraping and/or massaging the skin. This helps with identifying areas of restriction and breaks up that restriction along with scar tissue to restore function and reduce pain.

#3 Soft Tissue Therapy

With this complex form of soft tissue massage, the doctor will target the muscles and ligaments rather than the spine directly. By applying therapeutic massage to the areas where the joints are inflamed, it can help to release toxic byproducts and break up scar tissue. The result is improved circulation which in turn leads to faster healing.

#4 Gonstead Technique

This method of treatment, the doctor will successfully locate the area that is causing problems and manually adjusts the structures related to that area to realign the spine. This leads to reduced pain and inflammation in the treated area.

#5 Flexion Distraction Treatment

Used to treat conditions such as joint pain, disc herniations, and scoliosis this chiropractic adjustment method involves aligning of the spine and stretching of the back. Moreover, it is clinically proven in the neck and back due to facet joint dysfunction.

Have you had back pain or neck pain issues? Join the conversation and tell us about it in the comments below.

For more information, call Clayton Chiropractic at (919)553-2225, stop by our offices in Clayton, or schedule an appointment online today!

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