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Welcome to Your Clayton Chiropractor

Serving Clayton, Four Oaks, Wendell, Smithfield, Archer Lodge, Garner, McGee Crossroads & Selma


Dr. Karel Lloyd and the supportive health team at Clayton Chiropractic welcome you to our healing center. Your Clayton chiropractor enjoys helping the community members of Clayton and the surrounding areas of Archer Lodge, Selma and Garner. We understand that various reasons begin your search for chiropractic care. Some of these situations include injuries from sports or an auto accident, postural challenges such as scoliosis, or years of muscular imbalances that have moved your spine out of alignment. You may be experiencing back pain, neck pain, joint discomfort or limited range of motion, headaches, lack of energy or even digestive issues. Dr. Lloyd will work with you to overcome these concerns and return to an enjoyable, pain-free life.

Our techniques are gentle and offer an alternative to surgery. Chiropractic care has few side effects. One of the most common being slight muscular discomfort after an adjustment that is similar to post-workout soreness. Dr. Lloyd enjoys providing total family chiropractic care in Clayton. Our team hopes to improve the health of your entire family and to support you through transitional phases such as adolescence, pregnancy and the aging process.

Total Family Chiropractic Care in Clayton

We are proud to be part of the community in Clayton, NC and we welcome you and your family to tour our office to learn the benefits of chiropractic care. After a free consultation for new patients, we may perform a thorough exam or use diagnostic x-ray imaging to give us a better understanding of the condition of your spine. We explain how your spine's alignment contributes to discomfort such as pain in your back, neck, hips or shoulders. If the nerves between the vertebrae are compressed, your may feel pain, numbness or weakness in your extremities. As Dr. Lloyd gently manipulates the vertebrae into a healthy position, pressure is removed from the nerves and your discomfort subsides. We understand that your injury or pain may occur suddenly and we are also here to support those needs. As a functional movement focused chiropractor, Clayton Chiropractic wants to be part of your team to guide you through sports injury recovery. From our nutritional guidance and corrective exercise instruction, we promote healing from sports injuries such as muscle strains, overuse injuries and forceful contact damage to your joints.

Receive Your Personalized Care Program At Your Clayton Chiropractor

Dr. Lloyd and the team at your Clayton Chiropractor will develop a care program that fits your scheduling, financial and health needs. Chiropractic care is a hands-on technique performed by the doctor, so your attendance in our office is important to your care. We know that when you feel the immediate relief and improvement in your well-being, you will look forward to your visits as much as we do. Let us be a part of your health care team. Our alternative and holistic approach to improving your health will make an impact on your life. You’ll begin to feel better which improves confidence and leads to greater achievements.

To learn more about Clayton Chiropractic, please call us today at (919) 553-2225.

Dr. Karel Lloyd
Clayton Chiropractor | Clayton Chiropractic | (919) 553-2225

201 E Main St
Clayton, NC 27520

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